Through the Night
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Through the Night

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Lynette Theisen
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Renee Lewis, busy with school, dance, and friends, finds herself at the heart of the turmoil when a mysterious boy arrives at her school. She finds herself in a struggle between what she knows to be right and the appeal of the unknown. With the desire to honor Christ in her life and the temptation of worldly desires, Renee will find herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil.
On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renee Lewis was awakened by the smell of her favorite breakfast cooking, interrupting an incredible, yet odd dream. Like any other sixteen-year-old, she was dreaming of driving around in a red sports car after finally getting her driver's license. What was so unusual was her passenger: a gorgeous, foreign boy arrogantly displaying a flirtatious grin. This somewhat shy and unpretentious girl—busy vying for the role of valedictorian, spending time at church, and hanging out with her best friend Jamie—had never let a boy be a distraction. But she had to wonder...was this dream trying to tell her something? Was it time for a change?
That change comes with the arrival of Kyran, a devilishly handsome young man who unexpectedly shows up at her school and suddenly all her priorities began to shift. He quickly gained the attention of her best friend and every other girl at school. Renee, more annoyed by him at first, was eventually won over by his over-the-top charm. It wasn't long before temptations and tribulations, unlike any she's ever had to face before, began to change the course of Renee's life ensuring that nothing would ever be the same again. This once sheltered and in-control girl becomes lost and confused, turning to worldly desires to ease her pain. Aware that Renee is in constant danger from the dark side, God assigns a very special angel to protect her. And so the immense battle for Renee's soul begins—a battle that will impact not only her friends and family but also the quaint town of Westcliffe, Colorado.

Through the Night is Christian fiction with the young adult in mind. The author uses a stimulating storyline of innocent, forbidden love to capture the reader's attention. However, within its pages lie deep inspirational messages. With exciting battle scenes waged between the forces of good and evil, each vying for the young girl's soul, the message regarding spiritual warfare resonates. With unexpected twists and turns, that will keep the reader on edge, one thing is very clear: God is always in control even when all hope seems lost. Complete with humor, suspense, and scripture throughout, Through the Night will keep its audience captivated to the last page and leave them wanting more.

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