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Childhood Maltreatment

4, Advances in Psychotherapy - Evidence-Based Practice
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The serious consequences of child abuse or maltreatment are among the most challenging things therapists encounter. In recent years there has been a surge of interest, and of both basic and clinical research, concerning early traumatization. This volume in the series Advances in Psychotherapy integrates results from the latest research showing the importance of early traumatization into a compact and practical guide for practitioners. Advances in biological knowledge have highlighted the potential chronicity of effects of childhood maltreatment, demonstrating particular life challenges in managing emotions, forming and maintaining healthy relationships, healthy coping, and holding a positive outlook of oneself.
Despite the resiliency of many maltreated children, adolescent and young adult well-being is often compromised. This text first overviews our current knowledge of the effects of childhood maltreatment on psychiatric and psychological health, then provides diagnostic guidance, and subsequently goes on to profile promising and effective evidence-based interventions. Consistent with the discussions of treatment, prevention programming that is multi-targeted at issues for maltreated individuals is highlighted. This text helps the practitioner or student to know what to look for, what questions need to be asked, how to handle the sensitive ethical implications, and what are promising avenues for effective coping.

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Autor: Christine Wekerle
ISBN-13 :: 9781613343142
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