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Positive Psychology at the Movies

Using Films to Build Character Strengths and Well-Being
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For educators, practitioners, researchers, and everyone striving for personal growthand a fulfilling life! This completely revised edition of a classic in the field provides
a unique way to learn about positive psychology and what is right and best about
human beings. Positive Psychology at the Movies now reviews nearly 1,500 movies,
includes dozens of evocative film images, and is replete with practical aids to
Positive psychology is one of the most important modern developments in psychology.
Films brilliantly illustrate character strengths and other positive psychology
concepts and inspire new ways of thinking about human potential. Positive
Psychology at the Movies uses movies to introduce the latest research, practices,
and concepts in this field of psychology.
This book systematically discusses each of the 24 character strengths, balancing
film discussion, related psychological research, and practical applications. Practical
resources include a syllabus for a positive psychology course using movies, films
suitable for children, adolescents, and families, and questions likely to inspire
classroom and therapy discussions.
Positive Psychology at the Movies was written for educators, students, practitioners,
and researchers, but anyone who loves movies and wants to change his or her life
will find it inspiring and relevant. Watching the movies recommended in this book
will help the reader practice the skill of strengths-spotting in themselves and others
and support personal growth and self-improvement. Read this book to learn more
about positive psychology – and watch these films to become a better person!

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