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1834 g
309x245x37 mm

French writer and journalist Éric Joly has written numerous books on hunting, fishing, and nature, published in his native France and abroad. He has hunted widely, notably in Africa, Argentina, and Quebec, as well as in many countries in Europe and Asia. Joly has also contributed to numerous magazines around the world, and he is currently editor in chief of Voyages de Chasse magazine, which covers hunting worldwide.
A hunting gun of true quality holds a place of honor in the world of sporting equipment. Relating anecdotes of expeditions in different countries and exploring various traditions, Hunting: Legendary Rifles combines the thrill of the hunt with the arms rich historic past. A brand-by-brand catalog completes the account, offering specifications and detailed illustrations. This book's thorough approach expertly details the story of rifles, revealing to readers the grand and fascinating world of hunting.

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