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Businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, diver, photographer, husband, and father, Mustafa V. Koç was a man inspired by all facets of life. Silent World features Mustafa's stunningly beautiful, never-before-seen underwater photography. Having been in love with the sea all of his life, Mustafa took up photography as a way to document the secret and private world he escaped to underneath of the waves. With loving letters from his wife, Caroline, and his daughters, Esra and Aylin, this book is a celebration life, a discovery of the unknown, and a testament to the happiness we can find in the world around us. From the Aegean to the Red Sea, and spanning from the Indonesian archipelago to the rippling blue waters of the Bahamas, Silent World invites the reader on a trip to go where Mustafa went, dive where he dove, see what he saw, and be awed by the world he cherished.

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