Developing International EFL/ESL Scholarly Writers

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Donna Bain Butler, American University, Washington, D.C., USA.

Studies in Second and Foreign Language Education presents research on critical theoretical issues and empirical research which shape second and foreign language education. It provides a platform for the discussion of innovative and progressive curricular and teaching practice. The series includes work on:

  • Theories and applications of innovative approaches to language acquisition/education
  • Instructional methodologies
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher education
  • Language planning and evaluation
  • Autonomous learning contexts
  • Teaching/learning of less commonly taught languages

SSFLE will be of interest to second and foreign language researchers and teachers, curriculum and materials developers, and language policy planners.

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This study had a research purpose and a pedagogical purpose. Research disclosed the dynamic, changing nature of (learner-internal and learner-external) variables that influence strategic competence for developing EFL/ESL writers. This competence was found necessary for international graduate students to move from writer-centered learning to reader-centered communication. The research instruments proved to be practical tools for guiding learners' processes of learning and writing a scholarly paper or article and avoiding plagiarism. The implication for teachers and program administrators is a systematic approach for developing self-regulation (control) in EFL/ESL writing. The first part of the book reports on the mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) research. The second part gives an in-depth report of the 6 cases used in the research. The third part presents tools for systematically developing self-regulation in scholarly (and academic) writing with (a) student and teacher checklists for formative assessment that are valid and reliable; and (b) a model syllabus for teachers that can be adapted across disciplines and genres. These tools deal with learning strategies and their applications to writing and writing instruction.

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