Nature’s Teleological Order and God’s Providence
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Nature’s Teleological Order and God’s Providence

Are they compatible with chance, free will, and evil?
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Paul Weingartner
61, Philosophische Analyse / Philosophical Analysis ISSN
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The series provides a forum for innovative, high-quality work in all fields of analytical philosophy. The volumes in this series are published in either English or German.

The book defends that there is both teleological order (design) and chance in non-living and in living systems of nature including man. This is done by giving exact definitions of different types of order and teleological order on the one hand and of different types of chance on the other. For their compatibility it is important to notice that any definition of chance presupposes some kind of order relative to that we can speak of chance. Thus also in evolution which is some growth of some order and for which a detailed definition is given in chpt.13 chance and degrees of freedom play an essential role.
A further purpose of the book is to show that both the existing order and the existing chance in nature are compatible with a global teleological plan which is God’s providence. However concerning the execution of God’s plan not everything is done or caused by himself but “God created things in such a way that they themselves can create something” (Gödel, MAX PHIL). A reason for that is that God is neither all-causing nor all-willing although he is almighty. This is connected with the result of chpts.15 and 16 that also human freedom and evil are compatible with God’s providence.

Die Reihe bietet ein Publikationsforum für innovative Arbeiten zu allen Themengebieten der analytischen Philosophie. Die Bände in dieser Reihe erscheinen in deutscher oder englischer Sprache.

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