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Inspection Authorization Test Prep

Study & Prepare: A comprehensive study tool to prepare for the FAA Inspection Authorization Knowledge Exam
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Dale Crane
Test Prep Series
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A comprehensive study tool for the FAA Inspection Authorization Knowledge Exam. Provides a description of the test, information on what is involved with working as an aircraft mechanic with IA privileges, and the questions, answers, and explanations needed to study for the FAA Knowledge Exam issued for this license.
The Inspection Authorization Test Prep provides Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) with all the information needed to pass the FAA's exam for inspection authorization, and helps candidates become familiar with the privileges and limitations of the highest level of maintenance certification. This book is an important reference source for all AMTs seeking to add Inspection Authorization (IA) to his or her qualifications, as well as AMT schools preparing students for the IA test. All Inspection Authorization candidates must take and pass the FAAâs IA Knowledge Exam.The IA exam remains a âclosed testââthe exact database of questions is not available to the publicâwhich makes the IA Test Prep a great way to prepare for it. The IA exam differs from other FAA exams in that questions do not refer to a specific figure. Instead, applicants must learn to glean the information they need from the FAA Supplement (CT-8080-8) made available for use during the test. The nearly 500 sample questions typify those that candidates are likely to encounter, and train readers in the use of the available documents. Answer choices are supported with explanations, with FAA references identified for further study. This test prep also provides details on what applicants need to know about the certification process, insight into the function of an IA, and excerpts of regulations, advisory circulars, airworthiness directives, type certificate data sheets, FAA orders and aircraft specifications. Resources such as pertinent excerpts from these FAA documents and more are reprinted in this study guide; additionally, readers can access additional study material for this book at a special "Reader Resources" page at the ASA website.The IA Test Prep conveniently compiles the reference materials necessary to prepare for this exam into one volume, for an organized study program that AMT schools, instructors, and individuals alike can use to streamline their studies.
Preface: How to Use This IA Test PrepChapter 1: Overview of Inspection Authorizationâ Introductionâ What You Should Know About IA Certificationâ What You Should Know About the IA Knowledge Testâ Description of the IA Knowledge Testâ Preparation for the IA Knowledge TestChapter 2: The Function of an IAâ Introductionâ Approving Major Repairs and Major Alterationsâ Annual, 100-Hour, and Progressive Inspectionsâ Aircraft with Discrepancies or Unairworthy Conditionsâ Aircraft Owner / IA RelationshipsChapter 3 Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR)Chapter 4 Airworthiness Directives (ADs)â 14 CFR Part 39â Categories of Airworthiness Directivesâ Publication of Airworthiness Directivesâ Construction of an Airworthiness Directiveâ Sample Test Questionsâ Sample Airworthiness DirectivesChapter 5 FAA Order 8130.21â Sample Test Questionsâ Sample FormsChapter 6 Advisory CircularsChapter 7 Type Certificate Data Sheets, Aircraft Specifications and Listingsâ TCDS Background Informationâ TCDS Availabilityâ Sample Test Questionsâ Type Certificate Data SheetsAppendix: Answer Key

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