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Autor: Andrew Harris
ISBN-13: 9781627039109
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A Guide
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This is a practical and valuable reference and text covering a wide scope of information about the connexin family of membrane channel proteins. Its comprehensive narrative makes previously hard-to-find information easily accessible.
Provides comprehensive data
Fundamentals of Connexin Biology.- The Family of Connexin Genes.- Gap Junction Channel Structure.- The Connexin Channel Pore: Pore-Lining Segments and Residues.- Voltage-Gating Mechanisms of Connexin Channels.- Chemical Gating of Connexin Channels.- Electrical Signaling with Neuronal Gap Junctions.- Permeability of Connexin Channels.- Pharmacology of Connexin Channels.- Biogenesis and Degradation of Gap Junctions.- Gap Junction Morphology and Dynamics in Situ.- Biochemistry of Connexins.- Pannexins or Connexins?.- Connexins in Organ Systems and Processes.- Foreword: Gap Junctions and Emergent Organ Properties.- Connexins in Skin Biology.- Connexins in the Nervous System.- Connexins in the Respiratory Epithelium.- Connexins in Skeletal Biology.- Connexins in Lens Development and Disease.- Connexins in the Mammalian Retina.- Connexins in the Inner Ear.- Connexins in the Heart.- Connexins in the Vasculature.- Connexins and Atherosclerosis.- Connexins in the Female Reproductive System.- Connexins in the Male Reproductive System.- Connexins and Secretion.- Connexins and Carcinogenesis.
Connexins: A Guide is a practical and valuable reference and text covering a wide scope of information about the connexin family of membrane channel proteins. The editors and contributing authors intend for this cutting-edge work to be informative to scientists wishing to learn about the field, as well as to those who are active researchers in this area. Connexins: A Guide masterfully addresses specific needs of the scientific community; it is a comprehensive and comprehensible narrative of the uncommonly diverse connexin field, making previously hard-to-find information easily accessible, while also presenting intelligible insights into the extensive experimental methods and conceptual frameworks necessary to appreciate and understand the important roles that connexin channel proteins play in health and disease.

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Autor: Andrew Harris
ISBN-13 :: 9781627039109
ISBN: 1627039104
Erscheinungsjahr: 03.12.2014
Verlag: Humana Press
Gewicht: 883g
Seiten: 592
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2009
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