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Autor: Ivan V. Maly
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Systems Biology

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This book presents numerous methods on how to effectively apply quantitative systems methodology to biological research. Each chapter contains the theory behind a method, step-by-step implementation, and a discussion of possible pitfalls to avoid.
Written by leading scientists who apply quantitative systems methodology in their biological research
Part I: Introduction
1. Introduction: A Practical Guide to the Systems Approach in Biology
Ivan V. Maly
Part II: Methods for Analyzing Biomolecular Systems

2. Computational Modeling of Biochemical Networks Using COPASI
Pedro Mendes, Stefan Hoops, Sven Sahle, Ralph Gauges, Joseph Dada, and Ursula Kummer

3. Flux Balance Analysis (FBA): Interrogating Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks
Matthew A. Oberhardt, Arvind K. Chavali, and Jason A. Papin

4. Modeling Molecular Regulatory Networks with JigCell and PET
Clifford A. Shaffer, Jason W. Zwolak, Ranjit Randhawa, and John J. Tyson

5. Rule-Based Modeling of Biochemical Systems with BioNetGen
James R. Faeder, Michael L. Blinov, and William S. Hlavacek

6. Ingeneue: A Software Tool to Simulate and Explore Genetic Regulatory Networks
Kerry J. Kim
Part III: Spatial Analysis and Control of Cellular Processes

7. Microfluidics Technology for Systems Biology Research
C. Joanne Wang and Andre Levchenko

8. Systems Approach to Therapeutics Design
Bert J. Lao and Daniel T. Kamei

9. Rapid Creation, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Visualization of Realistic 3D Cell Models
Jacob Czech, Markus Dittrich, and Joel R. Stiles

10. A Cell Architecture Modeling System Based on Quantitative Ultrastructural Characteristics
Július Parulek, Milos Srámek, Michal Cervenanský, Marta Novotová, and Ivan Zahradník

11. Location Proteomics: Systematic Determination of Protein Subcellular Location
Justin Newberg, Juchang Hua, and Robert F. Murphy

Part IV: Methods for Larger-Scale Systems Analysis

12. Model-based Global Analysis of HeterogeneousExperimental Data Using gfit
Mikhail K. Levin, Manju M. Hingorani, Raquell M. Holmes, Smita S. Patel, and John H. Carson

13. Multi-Cell Simulations of Development and Disease Using the CompuCell3D Simulation Environment

Maciej H. Swat, Susan D. Hester, Ariel I. Balter, Randy W. Heiland, Benjamin L. Zaitlen, and James A. Glazier

14. BioLogic: A Mathematical Modeling Framework for Immunologists
Shlomo Ta'asan and Rima Gandlin

15. Dynamic Knowledge Representation Using Agent Based Modeling: Ontology Instantiation and Verification of Conceptual Models
Gary An

16. Systems Biology of Microbial Communities
Ali Navid, Cheol-Min Ghim, Andrew T. Fenley, Sooyeon Yoon, Sungmin Lee, and Eivind Almaas
The rapidly developing methods of systems biology can help investigators in various areas of modern biomedical research to make inference and predictions from their data that intuition alone would not discern. Many of these methods, however, are commonly perceived as esoteric and inaccessible to biomedical researchers: Even evaluating their applicability to the problem at hand seems to require from the biologist a broad kno- edge of mathematics or engineering. This book is written by scientists who do possess such knowledge, who have successfully applied it to biological problems in various c- texts, and who found that their experience can be crystallized in a form very similar to a typical biological laboratory protocol. Learning a new laboratory procedure may at first appear formidable, and the int- ested researchers may be unsure whether their problem falls within the area of applicability of the new technique. The researchers will rely on the experience of others who have condensed it into a methods paper, with the theory behind the method, its step-by-step implementation, and the pitfalls explained thoroughly and from the practical angle. It is the intention of the authors of this book to make the methods of systems biology widely understood by biomedical researchers by explaining them in the same proven format of a protocol article.

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Autor: Ivan V. Maly
ISBN-13 :: 9781627039499
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Verlag: Humana Press
Gewicht: 1063g
Seiten: 516
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