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Autor: David J. Carroll
ISBN-13: 9781627039734
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Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and Other Marine Invertebrates

Methods and Protocols
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Features tips on trouble shooting and avoiding known pitfalls
1. Culturing Larvae of Marine Invertebrates

Richard R. Strathmann

2. Obtaining Gametes and Embryos of Ascidians

Charles C. Lambert

3. Artificial Seawater Culture of the Gastropod Crepidula fornicata for Studies of Larval Settlement and Metamorphosis

Anthony Pires

4. Trichoplax adhaerens , an Enigmatic Basal Metazoan with Potential

Andreas Heyland, Roger Croll, Sophie Goodall, Jeff Kranyak, and Russell Wyeth

5. Rearing Gymnolaemate Bryozoan Larvae for Cellular and Molecular Analyses

Michael H. Temkin

6. An Invertebrate Embryologist's Guide to Routine Processing of Confocal Images

George von Dassow

7. TEM Analyses of Chaetognath Reproductive Organs

George L. Shinn

8. SEM Analysis of Marine Invertebrate Gametes

John Buckland-Nicks

9. Imaging Neural Development in Embryonic and Larval Sea Urchins

Oliver Krupke, Shunsuke Yaguchi, Junko Yaguchi, and Robert D. Burke
10. Preparation and Use of Sea Urchin Egg Homogenates
Anthony J. Morgan & Antony Galione

11. Microinjection and 4D Fluorescence Imaging in the Eggs and Embryos of the Ascidian Phallusia mammillata

Alex McDougall, Karen Wing-man Lee and Remi Dumollard

12. Isolating Specific Embryonic Cells of the Sea Urchin by FACS

Celina Juliano, S. Zachary Swartz, and Gary Wessel

13. Biotinylation of Oocyte Cell Surface Proteins of the Starfish Patiria miniata

Samantha Cihal and David Carroll

14. Perturbations to the Hedgehog Pathway in Sea Urchin Embryos

Jacob F. Warner and David R. McClay

15. Regulation of DNA Synthesis at the First Cell Cycle in the Sea Urchin in vivo

Jolanta Kisielewska and Michael Whitaker

16. Immunoblotting Analyses of Changes in Protein Phosphorylations During Oocyte

Maturation in Marine Nemertean Worms

Jose R. Escalona and Stephen A. Stricker

17. Multi-color Labeling in Developmental Gene Regulatory Network Analysis

Aditya J. Sethi, Robert C. Angerer and Lynne M. Angerer

18. A 96-well Plate Format for Detection of Marine Zooplankton with the Sandwich Hybridization Assay

Julio B. J. Harvey

19. Isolation and Assessment of Signaling Proteins from Synchronized Cultures During Egg Activation and Through the Egg-to-Embryo Transition in Sea Urchines

Michelle M. Roux and Kathy R. Foltz

20. Tools for Sea Urchin Genomic Analysis
R. Andrew Cameron

21. Antibody Inhibition of Protein Activity in Starfish Oocytes

Eiichi Okumura, Masatoshi Hara and Takeo Kishimoto

22. Immunophotoaffinity Labeling of the Binding Proteins for 1-Methyladenine, an Oocyte-maturation Inducing Hormone of Starfish

Tetsuo Kida, Shinjiro Matsuda, Atsushi Kuyama, and Tetsuo Toraya
In Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and Other Marine Invertebrates: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers in the field detail many of the methods which are now used to study sea urchins and other marine invertebrates in the laboratory. These include methods and protocols on imaging, other useful experimental tools for cell, developmental biology research, variety of molecular biological methods, and strategies for utilizing the sea urchin genome. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and key tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.Authoritative and practical, Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and other Marine Invertebrates: Methods and Protocols seeks to aid scientists in the further study into sea urchins and other marine invertebrates.

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Autor: David J. Carroll
ISBN-13 :: 9781627039734
ISBN: 1627039732
Erscheinungsjahr: 25.02.2014
Verlag: Humana Press
Gewicht: 836g
Seiten: 364
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2014
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