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Autor: Klemens J. Hertel
ISBN-13: 9781627039796
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Spliceosomal Pre-mRNA Splicing

Methods and Protocols
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Introduces protocols and their theoretical background relevant for a variety of experimental research in pre-mRNA splicing
Part I: Introductory Chapters
1. The Pre-mRNA Splicing Reaction
Somsakul Wongpalee and Shalini Sharma
2. Diversity and Evolution of Spliceosomal Systems
Scott William Roy and Manuel Irimia
3. Mechanisms of Spliceosomal Assembly
Ni-ting Chiou and Kristen W. Lynch
4. Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing
Stacey D. Wagner and J. Andrew Berglund
5. Regulation of Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing
Miguel B. Coelho and Christopher W.J. Smith
6. Introduction to Co-Transcriptional RNA Splicing
Evan C. Merkhofer, Peter Hu, and Tracy L. Johnson
7. Chromatin and Splicing
Nazmul Haque and Shalini Oberdoerffer
Part II: Methods Chapters
8. Preparation of Splicing Competent Nuclear Extracts
Chiu-Ho T. Webb and Klemens J. Hertel
9. Preparation of Yeast Whole Cell Splicing Extract
Elizabeth A. Dunn and Stephen D. Rader
10. Efficient Splinted Ligation of Synthetic RNA Using RNA Ligase
Martha R. Stark and Stephen D. Rader
11. In Vitro Assay of Pre-mRNA Splicing in Mammalian Nuclear Extract
Maliheh Movassat, William F. Mueller, and Klemens J. Hertel
12. Kinetic Analysis of In Vitro Pre-mRNA Splicing in HeLa Nuclear Extract
William F. Mueller and Klemens J. Hertel
13. In Vitro Systems for Coupling RNAP II Transcription to Splicing and Polyadenylation
Eric G. Folco and Robin Reed
14. Isolation and Accumulation of Spliceosomal Assembly Intermediates
Janine O. Ilagan and Melissa S. Jurica
15. Complementation of U4 snRNA in S. cerevisiae Splicing Extracts for Biochemical Studies of snRNP Assembly and Function
Martha R. Stark and Stephen D. Rader
16. Expression and Purification of Splicing Proteins from Mammalian Cells
Eric Allemand and Michelle L. Hastings
17. Single Molecule Approaches for Studying Spliceosome Assembly and Catalysis
Eric G. Anderson and Aaron A. Hoskins
18. Cell-Based Splicing of Minigenes
Sarah A. Smith and Kristen W. Lynch
19. Quantifying the Ratio of Spliceosome Components Assembled on Pre-mRNA
Noa Neufeld, Yehuda Brody, and Yaron Shav-Tal
20. Antisense Methods to Modulate Pre-mRNA Splicing
Joonbae Seo, Eric W. Ottesen, and Ravindra N. Singh
21. Using Yeast Genetics to Study Splicing Mechanisms
Munshi Azad Hossain and Tracy L. Johnson
22. Medium Throughput Analysis of Alternative Splicing by Fluorescently Labeled RT-PCR
Ryan Percifield, Daniel Murphy, and Peter Stoilov
23. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Approaches to Determine Co-Transcriptional Nature of Splicing
Nicole I. Bieberstein, Korinna Straube, and Karla M. Neugebauer
24. Computational Approaches to Mine Publicly Available Databases
Rodger B. Voelker, William A. Cresko, and J. Andrew Berglund
25. Approaches to Link RNA Secondary Structures with Splicing Regulation
Mireya Plass and Eduardo Eyras
26. Methods to Study Splicing from High-Throughput RNA Sequencing Data
Gael P. Alamancos, Eneritz Agirre, and Eduardo Eyras
27. Global Protein-RNA Interaction Mapping at Single Nucleotide Resolution by iCLIP-Seq
Chengguo Yao, Lingjie Weng, and Yongsheng Shi
28. Predicting Alternative Splicing
Yoseph Barash and Jorge Vaquero Garcia
Providing a guide to classical experimental approaches to decipher splicing mechanisms and experimental strategies that rely on novel multi-disciplinary approaches, Spliceosomal Pre-mRNA Splicing: Methods and Protocols describes the theory of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in seven introductory chapters and then introduces protocols and their theoretical background relevant for a variety of experimental research. These protocol chapters cover basic methods to detect splicing events, analyses of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vitro and in vivo manipulation of splicing events and high-throughput and bioinformatic analyses of alternative splicing. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible protocols and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.Comprehensive and practical, Spliceosomal Pre-mRNA Splicing: Methods and Protocols will aid newcomers and seasoned molecular biologists in understanding the fascinating world of alternative splicing with the ultimate goal of paving the way for many new discoveries to come.

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Autor: Klemens J. Hertel
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