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Bigger Than Life

Social Development Series
Cultural Identity and Labor Relations Among Gaucho Cowboys in Southern Brazil
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The gaucho is associated with everything in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This Brazilian cowboy was made into a state icon, a symbol of regional identity. The figure of the gaucho —always the heroic gaucho of the past, never the poor ranch hand of the present— gained mythological proportions and, stripped of the harsh realities of life, became a character bigger than life itself. Present-day gauchos, however, are mostly poor ranch workers, and the ranches in which they work are currently threatened by the expansion of commercial agriculture. The fate of cattle ranching in the region is fraught with uncertainty, and its survival may be closely tied to the type of labor relations established between gauchos and landowners.
Introduction1. The Gaucho in the History of Southern Brazil: The Face of Brazil Against Spanish South America; Bandits and Deserters in the Borderlands; Ranching From a Historical Perspective.
2. Masters and Subordinates: Life in the Countryside; Small Ranching and Social Mobility; Who Wants to Be a Peão?; The Reinvention of the Landed Elites.
3. The Gaucho Identity: Origins and Appropriations of the Myth; The Success of the Gaucho ; Gauchos in Real Life.
4. Resistance and Ambiguity: Domination and Resistance on the Ground; Hope and Frustration in the Gaucho Experience; Cultural Values and Perceptions.
5. A Skilled Way of Life: A Horse Riding Culture; Skills Beyond Techniques; The Value of Skills.

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