Creating a Role

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Konstantin Stanislavski
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Bloomsbury Revelations

Stanislavski, ConstantinConstantin Stanislavski died in 1938 and is the most influential person in actor training to date. As co-founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, he developed his theories of acting.

Gillett, John
John Gillett trained in one of the first Stanislavski-based schools in London, the Actors Workshop. He has worked as an actor for thirty-four years, and as an acting teacher and director for over twenty-five of those. As a director and teacher, Gillett has worked for the Actors Centre, East 15, Mountview, Rose Bruford College, Italia Conti, and Arts Educational.
Following An Actor Prepares and Building A Character, Stanislavski here guides the actor through practical preparations for playing a role.
Foreword by Robert Lewis Translator's Note Part I: Griboyedov's Woe from Wit 1. The Period of Study 2. The Period of Emotional Experience 3. The Period of Physical Embodiment Part II: Shakespeare's Othello 4. First Acquaintance 5. Creating the Physical Life of a Role 6. Analysis 7. Checking Work Done and Summing Up Part III: Gogol's The Inspector General 8. From Physical Actions to Living Image Appendices A. Supplement to Creating A Role B. Improvisations on Othello Index.
Creating A Role is the third book - alongside the international bestseller An Actor Prepares and Building A Character - in the series of influential translations that introduced Stanislavski's acting 'system' to the English-speaking world. Here Stanislavski describes the elaborate preparation that an actor must undergo before the actual performance itself. Now published in the Bloomsbury Revelations series to mark the 150th anniversary of Stanislavski's birth, the book includes the director's analysis of such works as Othello and Gogol's Inspector General.

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