Engendering Forced Migration
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Engendering Forced Migration

Theory and Practice
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Doreen Indra
5, Forced Migration
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At the turn of the new millenium, war, political oppression, desperate poverty, environmental degradation and disasters, and economic underdevelopment are sharply increasing the ranks of the world's twenty million forced migrants. In this volume, eighteen scholars provide a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary look beyond the statistics at the experiences of the women, men, girls, and boys who comprise this global flow, and at the highly gendered forces that frame and affect them. In theorizing gender and forced migration, these authors present a set of descriptively rich, gendered case studies drawn from around the world on topics ranging from international human rights, to the culture of aid, to the complex ways in which women and men envision displacement and resettlement.

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Chapter 1. Not a “Room of One’s Own”: Engendering Forced Migration Knowledge and Practice
Doreen Indra

Chapter 2. Gendering Those Uprooted by ‘Development’
Elizabeth Colson

Chapter 3. Interview with Barbara Harrell-Bond
Doreen Indra

Chapter 4. Girls and War Zones: Troubling Questions
Carolyn Nordstrom

Chapter 5. Gendered Violence in War: Reflections on Transnationalist and Comparative Frameworks in Militarized Conflict Zones
Wenona Giles

Chapter 6. Gender Relief and Politics During the Afghan War
Diana Cammack

Chapter 7. Response to Cammack
Peter Marsden

Chapter 8. Upsetting the Cart: Forced Migration and Gender Issues, the African Experience
Patrick Matlou

Chapter 9. Women Migrants of Kagera Region, Tanzania: The Need for Empowerment Charles
David Smith

Chapter 10. The Relevance of Gendered Approaches to Refugee Health: A Case Study in Hagadera, Kenya
Marleen Boelaert, Fabienne Vautier, Tine Dusauchoit, Wim Van Damme, and Monique Van Dormael

Chapter 11. Post-Soviet Russian Migration from the New Independent States: Experiences of Women Migrants
Natalya Kosmarskaya

Chapter 12. A Space for Remembering: Home-Pedagogy and Exilic Latina Women’s Identities
Inés Gómez

Chapter 13. Eritrean Canadian Refugee Households As Sites of Gender Renegotiation
Atsuko Matsuoka and John Sorenson

Chapter 14. Negotiating Masculinity in the Reconstruction of Social Place: Eritrean and Ethiopian Refugees in the
United States and Sweden
Lucia Ann McSpadden

Chapter 15. The Human Rights of Refugees with Special Reference to Muslim Refugee Women
Khadija Elmadmad

Chapter 16. A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian, US, and Australian Directives on Gender Persecution and Refugee Status
Audrey Macklin

Chapter 17. Women and Refugee Status: Beyond the Public/Private Dichotomy in UK Asylum Policy
Heaven Crawley

Chapter 18. The Problem of Gender-Related Persecution: A Challenge of International Protection
Lisa Gilad

Chapter 19. Anthropologists As ‘Expert Witnesses’
Sidney Waldron

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