Women and the Politics of Military Confrontation
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Women and the Politics of Military Confrontation

Palestinian and Israeli Gendered Narratives of Dislocation
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Nahla Abdo
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As the crisis in Israel does not show any signs of abating, this remarkable collection, edited by an Israeli and a Palestinian scholar and with contributions by Palestinian and Israeli women, offers a vivid and harrowing picture of the conflict and of its impact on daily life, especially as it affects women's experiences that differ significantly from those of men.

The (auto)biographical narratives in this volume focus on some of the most disturbing effects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a sense of dislocation that goes well beyond the geographical meaning of the word; it involves social, cultural, national and gender dislocation, including alienation from one's own home, family, community, and society. The accounts become even more poignant if seen against the backdrop of the roots of the conflict, the real or imaginary construct of a state to save and shelter particularly European Jews from the horrors of Nazism in parallel to the other side of the coin: Israel as a settler-colonial state responsible for the displacement of the Palestinian nation.


Introduction: Writing Dislocation, Writing the Self: Bringing Back the Political into Gendered Israeli-Palestinian Dialoguing

Chapter 1. Palestinian Women: Exile in Lebanon
Chapter 2. Home as Exile
Chapter 3. Life under Occupation
Chapter 4. Israeli Jewish Women: Exile as Home
Chapter 5. Exile as an Oppositional Locus
Chapter 6. Existential States of Exile


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