Food Preferences and Taste
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Food Preferences and Taste

Continuity and Change
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Helen Macbeth
2, Anthropology of Food & Nutrition
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Food preferences and tastes are among the fundamentals affecting human existence; the sociocultural, physiological and neurological factors involved have therefore been widely researched and are well documented. However, information and debate on these factors are scattered across the academic literature of different disciplines. In this volume cross-disciplinary perspectives are brought together by an international team of contributors that includes socialand biological anthropologists, ethologists and ethnologists, psychologists, neurologists and zoologists in order to provide access to the different specialisms on the topic.

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Chapter 1. Food Preferences and Taste: An Introduction
Helen Macbeth and Sue Lawry

Chapter 2. Primate Models for Taste and Food Preferences
Claude Marcel Hladik

Chapter 3. Food Preferences in Neotropical Primates in Relation to Taste Sensitivity
Bruno Simmen

Chapter 4. Neural Processing Underlying Food Selection
Edmund T. Rolls

Chapter 5. Good Taste and Bad Taste: Preferences and Aversions as Biological Principles
Wulf Schiefenhövel

Chapter 6. Disgust: The Cultural Evolution of a Food-based Emotion
Paul Rozin, Jonathan Haidt, Clark McCauley and Sumio Imada

Chapter 7. Wild Plants as Famine Foods: Food Choice Under Conditions of Scarcity
Rebecca Huss-Ashmore and Susan L. Johnston

Chapter 8. Three Centuries of Changing European Tastes for the Potato
Ellen Messer

Chapter 9. The Pathways of Taste: The West Andalucian Case
Isabel González Turmo

Chapter 10. Evolution in Eating Habits in the Alto Douro of Northern Portugal
Maria Manuela Valagao

Chapter 11. Nationality and Food Preferences in the Cerdanya Valley, Eastern Pyrenees
Helen Macbeth and Alex Green

Chapter 12. Breaking the Rules: Changes in Food Acceptability among the Tharu of Nepal
Christian McDonaugh

Chapter 13. Choices of Food and Cuisine in the Concept of Social Space among the Yao of Thailand
Annie Hubert

Chapter 14. Taste and Embodiment: The Food Preferences of Iranians in Britain
Lynn Harbottle

Chapter 15. Food Preferences and Taste in an African Perspective: A Word of Caution
Igor de Garine

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