Local Science Vs Global Science
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Local Science Vs Global Science

Approaches to Indigenous Knowledge in International Development
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Paul Sillitoe
4, Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology
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While science has achieved a remarkable understanding of nature, affording humans an astonishing technological capability, it has led, through Euro-American global domination, to the muting of other cultural views and values, even threatening their continued existence. There is a growing realization that the diversity of knowledge systems demand respect, some refer to them in a conservation idiom as alternative information banks. The scientific perspective is only one. We now have many examples of the soundness of local science and practices, some previously considered “primitive” and in need of change, but this book goes beyond demonstrating the soundness of local science and arguing for the incorporation of others’ knowledge in development, to argue that we need to look quizzically at the foundations of science itself and further challenge its hegemony, not only over local communities in Africa, Asia, the Pacific or wherever, but also the global community. The issues are large and the challenges are exciting, as addressed in this book, in a range of ethnographic and institutional contexts.

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Chapter 1. Local Science vs. Global Science: an Overview
Paul Sillitoe

Chapter 2. Traditional Medical Knowledge and Twenty-first Century Healthcare: the Interface between Indigenous and Modern Science
Gerard Bodeker

Chapter 3. Local and Scientific Understandings of Forest Diversity on Seram, Eastern Indonesia
Roy Ellen

Chapter 4. ‘Indigenous’ and ‘Scientific’ Knowledge in Central Cape York Peninsula
Benjamin R. Smith

Chapter 5. On Knowing and Not Knowing: the Many Valuations of Piaroa Local Knowledge
Serena Heckler

Chapter 6. The Ashkui Project: Linking Western Science and Innu Environmental Knowledge in Creating a Sustainable Environment
Trudy Sable with Geoff Howell, Dave Wilson, and Peter Penashue

Chapter 7. Globalisation and the Construction of Western and Non-Western Knowledge
Michael R. Dove, Daniel S. Smith, Marina T. Campos, Andrew S. Mathews, Anne Rademacher, Steve Rhee, and Laura M. Yoder

Chapter 8. Science and Local Knowledge in Sri Lanka: Extension, Rubber and Farming
Mariella Marzano

Chapter 9. Creating Natural Knowledge: Agriculture, Science and Experiments
Alberto Arce and Eleanor Fisher

Chapter 10. Is Intellectual Property Protection a Good Idea?
Charles Clift

Chapter 11. Farmer Knowledge and Scientist Knowledge in Sustainable Agricultural Development: Ontology, Epistemology and Praxis
David A. Cleveland and Daniela Soleri

Chapter 12. Forgotten Futures: Scientific Models vs. Local Visions of Land Use Change
Robert E. Rhoades and Virginia Nazarea

Chapter 13. Counting on Local Knowledge
Paul Sillitoe


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