The French Right Between the Wars
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The French Right Between the Wars

Political and Intellectual Movements from Conservatism to Fascism
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Samuel Kalman
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During the interwar years France experienced severe political polarization. At the time many observers, particularly on the left, feared that the French right had embraced fascism, generating a fierce debate that has engaged scholars for decades, but has also obscured critical changes in French society and culture during the 1920s and 1930s. This collection of essays shifts the focus away from long-standing controversies in order to examine various elements of the French right, from writers to politicians, social workers to street fighters, in their broader social, cultural, and political contexts. It offers a wide-ranging reassessment of the structures, mentalities, and significance of various conservative and extremist organizations, deepening our understanding of French and European history in a troubled yet fascinating era.

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PART 1: Political Movements

Chapter 1. Collective Psychology, anti-Southern Prejudice and Constitutional Reform in 1930s France: The Stavisky Affair and the Riots of 6 February 1934
Kevin Passmore

Chapter 2. Avec une brutalité toute particulière: Fascist Sympathies, Racial Violence, and the Municipal Police and Gendarmerie in Oran, 1936-37
Samuel Kalman

Chapter 3. The Veterans and the Extreme Right: The Union nationale des combattants, 1927-1936
Chris Millington

Chapter 4. Pacifism, the Fascist Temptation and the Ligue des droits de l’homme
Norman Ingram

PART 2: Gender and the Right

Chapter 5. Right-Wing Feminism and Conservative Women’s Militancy in Interwar France
Magali Della Sudda

Chapter 6. Gender, the Family, and the Fascist Temptation: Visions of Masculinity in the Natalist-Familialist Movement, 1922-1940
Cheryl A. Koos

Chapter 7. Was there a Fascist Femininity? Gender and French Fascism in Political Context
Geoff Read

Chapter 8. An Overview of Women and Gender in French Fascism
Daniella Sarnoff

PART 3: Intellectual and Cultural Trends

Chapter 9. “Our Body Doesn’t Have to be Ugly”: Physical Culture, Gender, and Racial Rejuvenation in the Croix de feu/Parti social français
Caroline Campbell

Chapter 10. Defending Christian Civilization: The Evolving Message of the Parti social français, 1936-1939
Sean Kennedy

Chapter 11. Were French Elites Allergic to Fascism? A Study of the Reception of the 1930s Dictatorships in Three French Periodicals
Laurent Kestel

Chapter 12. Salvation, Satire, and Solidarity: Right-Wing Culture in Interwar France
Jessica Wardhaugh

PART 4: Historiography

Chapter 13. Beyond Left and Right, and the Politics of the Third Republic: A Conversation
William D. Irvine

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