Connecting Histories of Education
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Connecting Histories of Education

Transnational and Cross-Cultural Exchanges in (Post)Colonial Education
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Barnita Bagchi
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The history of education in the modern world is a history of transnational and cross-cultural influence. This collection explores those influences in (post) colonial and indigenous education across different geographical contexts. The authors emphasize how local actors constructed their own adaptation of colonialism, identity, and autonomy, creating a multi-centric and entangled history of modern education. In both formal as well as informal aspects, they demonstrate that transnational and cross-cultural exchanges in education have been characterized by appropriation, re-contextualization, and hybridization, thereby rejecting traditional notions of colonial education as an export of pre-existing metropolitan educational systems. 

Introduction: Connecting Histories of Education: Transnational and Cross-Cultural Exchanges in (Post‑)Colonial Education
Barnita Bagchi, Eckhardt Fuchs and Kate Rousmaniere

Part 1: Historiographical Reflections

Chapter 1. History of Education beyond the Nation? Trends in Historical and Educational Scholarship
Eckhardt Fuchs

Chapter 2. Contested Pasts: The Concept of Civilization in the Colonial and Nationalist Discourse of Education
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Chapter 3. Writing Histories of Congolese Colonial Education: An Historiographical View from Belgium
Marc Depaepe

Chapter 4. Range and Limits of the Countryside Schooling Historiography in Latin America (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries): Some Reflections
Alicia Civera

Part 2: Travelling Concepts

Chapter 5. A Trans-Cultural Transaction: William Carey’s Baptist Mission, the Monitorial Method and the Bengali Renaissance
Mary Hilton

Chapter 6. A Colonial Experiment in Education: Madras, 1789–1796
Jana Tschurenev

Part 3: Indigenous Education and Resistance

Chapter 7. A New Education for ‘Young India’: Exploring Nai Talim from the Perspective of a Connected History
Simone Holzwarth

Chapter 8. Colonial Education and Saami Resistance in Early Modern Sweden
Daniel Lindmark

Chapter 9. Constructive Orientalism: Debates on Languages and Educational Policies in Colonial India, 1830–1880
Hakim Ikhlef

Part 4: Women’s Education

Chapter 10. Raden Ajeng Kartini and Cultural Nationalism in Java
Joost Coté

Chapter 11. Women’s Education through Women’s Eyes: Literary Articulations in Colonial Western India
Meera Kosambi

Chapter 12. Connecting Literature and History of Education: Analysing the Educative Fiction of Jean Webster and Lila Majumdar Transculturally and Connotatively
Barnita Bagchi

Chapter 13. Loreto Teaching in India, 1842–2010: Transcending the Centre-Periphery Paradigm
Tim Allender

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