Vanished History
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Vanished History

The Holocaust in Czech and Slovak Historical Culture
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Tomas Sniegon
18, Making Sense of History
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Bohemia and Moravia, today part of the Czech Republic, was the first territory with a majority of non-German speakers occupied by Hitler’s Third Reich on the eve of the World War II. Tens of thousands of Jewish inhabitants in the so called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia soon felt the tragic consequences of Nazi racial politics. Not all Czechs, however, remained passive bystanders during the genocide. After the destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938-39, Slovakia became a formally independent but fully subordinate satellite of Germany. Despite the fact it was not occupied until 1944, Slovakia paid Germany to deport its own Jewish citizens to extermination camps.

About 270,000 out of the 360,000 Czech and Slovak casualties of World War II were victims of the Holocaust. Despite these statistics, the Holocaust vanished almost entirely from post-war Czechoslovak, and later Czech and Slovak, historical cultures. The communist dictatorship carried the main responsibility for this disappearance, yet the situation has not changed much since the fall of the communist regime. The main questions of this study are how and why the Holocaust was excluded from the Czech and Slovak history.

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Introduction: Czechoslovak history’s velvet awakening

Chapter 1. Czech and Slovak historical narratives
Chapter 2. The Holocaust in Czechoslovak historical culture before 1989
Chapter 3. The Holocaust’s uneven return
Chapter 4. Schindler’s List arrives in Schindler’s homeland
Chapter 5. Pig farm as a Porrajmos remembrance site
Chapter 6. The Slovak war history goes to Europe
Chapter 7. The Holocaust-lacking historical cultures in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


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