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Autor: Franklin Obeng-Odoom
ISBN-13: 9781783606627
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 296
Sprache: Englisch
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Reconstructing Urban Economics

Towards a Political Economy of the Built Environment
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A substantial and much-needed contribution to urban economics, providing both a critique of the mainstream and a compass for alternatives.
Neoclassical economics, the intellectual bedrock of modern capitalism, faces growing criticisms, as many of its key assumptions and policy prescriptions are systematically challenged. Yet, there remains one field of economics where these limitations continue virtually unchallenged: the study of cities and regions in built-environment economics.In this book, Franklin Obeng-Odoom draws on institutional, Georgist and Marxist economics to clearly but comprehensively show what the key issues are today in thinking about urban economics. In doing so, he demonstrates the widespread tensions and contradictions in the status quo, showing how to reconstruct urban economics in order to create a more just society and environment.
PrefaceIntroduction: Dissent and ReconstructionPart I: Establishing Principles for Urban Progress1. Scaffolding the Principles and Values of Reconstruction2. The Urban Challenge3. The Urban EconomyPart II: Analysing Material Conditions in Cities4. Urban Economic Growth: Globalisation, Trade, and Convergence5. Informal Economies6. Urban Poverty; Socio-Spatial InequalityPart III: Creating a Socio-Ecologically Sensitive Future7. Housing8. Homo Automobilus9. Sustainable Urban DevelopmentConclusion: Towards A Political Economy of the Built Environment

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Autor: Franklin Obeng-Odoom
ISBN-13 :: 9781783606627
ISBN: 1783606622
Verlag: Zed Books
Seiten: 296
Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Ebook, A much needed book – the first to challenge mainstream urban economics from within the disciplineCovers a number of highly topical and politically charged subjects, including affordable housing, urban poverty and sustainable livingInternational in scope - unlike most of the current scholarship it covers the global south Builds on a growing body of literature applying a radical/anti-capitalist approach to urban studies