Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong
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Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong

Strategies for Success
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Greg Keck
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This book looks at the realities of adopting a traumatized child. It deals with the complexities in a stark and refreshing way, by examining the impact on the adoptive parents, the adopted child, any birth children and on the family as a unit.

Welcoming a new child into the home through adoption is a life-altering experience-for the child, the parents, and everyone else in the family. Expectations and realities often differ dramatically, and adjusting to the change can be difficult and emotionally painful.

Since the majority of children available for adoption today are in the system as the result of abuse and neglect, parents must acknowledge the fact they these young innocents will carry their trauma with them into their new homes. A willingness to address the not-so-easy, didn't-see-that-coming aspects of adoption is the first step toward building a strong family.

A valuable resource for parents and professionals, this book provides useful strategies for facing the challenges posed by adopted children. The inclusion of real stories from real people adds heart and encouragement, offering hope for the future of the entire family.

Chapter 1. The Impact of Trauma on Human Development. Chapter 2. The Adoption Check List. Chapter 3. Trauma: A Potentially Contagious Disease. Chapter 4. Life after Placement. Chapter 5. It's Not the Child's Fault, but.... Chapter 6. Fearing What Others Might Think. Chapter 7. Adoption: The Pluses and Minuses. Chapter 8. The Power of Optimism and Love. Chapter 9. Parents and Kids Talk: What Helped Us Make It Right. Chapter 10. The Struggles Are Worth It.

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