But We All Shine On
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But We All Shine On

The Remarkable Orphans of Burbank Children's Home
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Paolo Hewitt
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After a childhood spent in care at Burbank Children's Home, Paolo Hewitt embarks upon a personal journey as an adult to discover whatever happened to his close childhood friends. He reveals their stories - from the funny to inspiring to heart-breaking - and makes new discoveries about himself, his friends and the power of the human spirit.

We orphans are the most important kids in the world.'

Stepping into the past, Paolo Hewitt embarks upon an inspiring journey to track down a group of friends he grew up with at Burbank Children's Home.

We meet Des, the boy who reinvented himself; Norman, the runaway child who crossed a continent; David, the boy who couldn't be heard; and Terry, the child who sat in a school field for four days. Paolo brings to life the struggles and triumphs of adults navigating life after care, and discovers many things: about himself, about care, but most of all about the indomitable force of the human spirit - even in the face of overwhelming odds.

But We All Shine On is a worthy companion to Paolo Hewitt's classic memoir The Looked After Kid: My Life in a Children's Home.

Prologue, 1. Author in Search of a Character: The Story of Des Hurrion, 2. The Runaway Boy: The Story of Norman Bass, 3. The Boy Who Couldn't Be Heard: The Story of David Westbrook, 4. Those Gods Make Crazy: The Story of Terry Hodgson, 5. Home

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