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Perspectives in Organometallic Chemistry

Special Publications
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This title presents informed accounts of state-of-the-art research which will be of great interest to readers.
Organometallic chemistry is an area which touches on, and plays an active role in, all of the traditional divisions of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical. This timely book provides overviews of recent original developments in these areas, including: the synthesis of main group, transition metal and lanthanide organometallics; applications to homogeneous catalysis; structural and theoretical studies; and enantioselective processes. As these topics are currently part of a stream of exciting research with potentially important industrial applications, this title presents informed accounts of state-of-the-art research which will be of great interest to readers. Written by some of the foremost groups in the field and handsomely illustrated throughout, each chapter also provides an extensive bibliography. By introducing areas that are likely to play a prominent role in organometallic chemistry in the near future, Perspectives in Organometallic Chemistry provides an authoritative source of ideas, particularly for all those engaged in research.
Group 15 element imido and phosphido cages; Coordination chemistry and synthetic applications; Neutral clusters EnRn of the monovalent elements gallium and indium. Recent results in synthesis and reactivity; New titanium imido chemistry with polydentate N-donor ligands; Organometallic complexes with 1,2-dichalcogenolate-o-carboranes; Synthesis and reactivities of multinuclear sulfur-bridged metal complexes ranging from dinuclear to hexanuclear cores; ?,?-Bis[(triphenylphosphine)gold(I)] hydrocarbons; Researches on non-classical organolanthanide chemistry; Hyper-structured alkynylruthenium complexes: Effect of dimensional evolution on NLO properties; Cycloaddition of alkynes mediated by [RuCp(L)]+ (L = CO, NCH, PH3) and RuCpCl complexes - Metallacyclopentatrienes as key intermediates- A DFT study; Selective C-C coupling reactions of Me2N-C=C-NMe2 at iron(0) centers; Routes to fluorinated organic derivatives by nickel mediated C-F activation of heteroaromatics; Novel ?5 - ?6 rearrangement of bis(fluorenyl)lanthanide complexes by the addition of AlR3; Results and perspectives of high oxidation state organomolybdenum chemistry in water; Modulation of electronic behaviour of metal-carbonyl clusters; Interionic and intermolecular solution structure of transition metal complexes by NMR; Synthetic and mechanistic pathways in platinum(II) chemistry; New perspectives for olefin complexes: Synthesis and characterisation of stable rhodium(0) and iridium(0) complexes; Substitution and addition reactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes; Late transition metal (Co, Rh, Ir)-siloxide complexes - Synthesis, structure and application to catalysis; Cheap chiral ligands for asymmetric transition metal catalyzed reactions; Chiral metal complexes in asymmetric catalysis; In search of asymmetric propargylic substitution reactions mediated by optically active indenyl-ruthenium(II) allenylidene complexes; Recent developments on hydride iridium triisopropylphosphine complexes:[IrH2(NCCH3)3(PiPr3)]BF4 as hydrogenation catalyst; Pd complex-catalyzed ring-opening polymerisation of 2-aryl-1-methylene-cyclopropanes; Subject Index

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