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Autor: Stephen J Pavlidis
ISBN-13: 9781892399670
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The Island Hopping Digital Guide to the Leeward Islands - Part V - Dominica

5, The Island Hopping Digital Guide Leeward Island
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This edition is Part V of The Island Hopping Digital Guide to the Leeward Islands and covers Dominica in the Caribbean.
The Island Hopping Digital Guides are the digital versions of the world-famous cruising guides written by Stephen J. Pavlidis.  Over the past 20 years, Stephen J. Pavlidis has written more than 10 excellent cruising guides covering all of the waters from south Florida to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and everything in between.

Each cruising guide contains many color charts, photos and loads of current local knowledge making this a must-have guide for yachts planning to cruise the Leeward Islands. With full-color aerial harbor photos and full-color sketch charts, it contains extremely accurate hydrographic data based on personally conducted independent surveys by the author. This guide also includes extensive navigational instructions, GPS waypoints, approaches and routes, anchorages, services, dive sites, history, basic information for cruising in the Leeward Islands, extensive appendices, contact information and more.

These cruising guides are not only essential for navigation and piloting while cruising, but also for use at anchor or dockside because of the valuable shoreside information they contain.  The digital versions also have the added convenience of live links for email and websites to the many services and marinas found throughout the region. In addition, they make excellent planning tools for future adventures.
Table of Contents
The Basics
Caribbean Etiquette
Customs and Immigration
Hurricane Preparation
Phones and Phone Numbers
Emergency and Medical Numbers
Provisioning and Shopping
Safety and Security
Boat Boys
Sailing in the Leeward Islands
Using the Charts
List of Charts
A Brief History of Dominica
Customs and Immigration
The Cabrits Marine Park
Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth
Southern Prince Rupert Bay
PAYS and Boat Boys
The Indian River
Batalie Beach and Salisbury
Méro and Castaways
Historical Roseau
Soufrière Bay and Scotts Head
Driving Around Dominica
Hurricane Season
Appendix A: Navigational Lights
Appendix B: Service Facilities
Appendix C: Waypoints
Appendix D: Metric Conversion Table
Appendix E: Distances Between Ports
Appendix F: National Flag of Dominica
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Autor: Stephen J Pavlidis
ISBN-13 :: 9781892399670
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