Follow the Money
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Follow the Money

A Muslim Guide to the Murky World of Finance
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Abdassamad Clarke
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Some people work all their lives for it. Some people have huge amounts of it, and some have almost none. Some steal it, some kill for it. Some men and women marry for it. Some people gamble everything they can, hoping to win more of it and some actually do win, but most lose. Some lie for it, some die for it. Many nations go to war for it. Most of the films we see and a great many of the stories we read are about people who do many of the above things for it. But what is money?

The modern world is a complex place. Ideologies and religions swirl, entangle with and wage war upon each other. Politically, socially and militarily the world is in upheaval. Economics, commerce and finance move in their own fashion and move many other forces from behind. The whole makes a strangely compelling but disturbing fabric of interwoven threads. And when was it ever different? This book was written in the conviction that if we use the old journalist’s rule “Follow the Money” we can make some sense of that.

Abdassamad Clarke is from Ulster and was formally educated in Edinburgh. He accepted Islam at the hands of Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi in 1973 and later studied in Cairo. He has a translated a number of classical Arabic works and is currently an imam and teacher at the Ihsan Mosque, Norwich, UK and Dean of the Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies. 

Introduction 1
The Community and Age We're In 2
World Trade 11
Barter 14
What is money? 16
Where does money come from? 18
Mess with money at your peril 25
Muslims' money 29
Where do banks come from? 39
Where does debt come from? 46
Taxes - the Second Inevitable 52
The State 63
Socialism and Capitalism 67
Economics 72
Employment and contracts 75
The Corporation 84
Zayd and Everyman 91
Conclusion 99
Postscript 106
Further reading and viewing 108

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