Delphi Collected Works of Ivan Turgenev (Illustrated)
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Delphi Collected Works of Ivan Turgenev (Illustrated)

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Ivan Turgenev
Series One
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Russia's famous novelist receives the scholarly Delphi treatment! This eBook offers readers ALL of Turgenev's major works and a wealth of other material too. (Version: 2)Features:* brief but informative introductions to the novels and other works* ALL 6 novels and 11 novellas, each with their own contents table* Almost ALL of the short stories and novellas, with excellent formatting* almost ALL of Turgenev's plays - discover 8 rare plays - first time in digital print!* many images relating to Turgenevs life, works and film adaptations* SPECIAL criticism section, with BONUS texts by writers such as Henry James and Joseph Conrad, examining Turgenevs work* scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres* includes a front MASTER table of contents, allowing easy navigation around Turgenevs oeuvre* even includes Edward Garnett's scholarly biography - explore Turgenev's artistic life!Please note: we aim to provide the most comprehensive author collections available to Kobo readers. Unfortunately, its not possible to offer a complete works of Turgenev, due to copyright restrictions on translations and due to some minor works having never been translated into English. However, once more texts become available, they will be added to the collection with the option of a FREE upgrade for customers that have already purchased the eBook.Please visit to browse our other titlesCONTENTS:The NovelsRUDINA HOUSE OF GENTLEFOLKON THE EVEFATHERS AND SONSSMOKEVIRGIN SOILThe NovellasTHE DIARY OF A SUPERFLUOUS MANYAKOV PASINKOVFAUSTACIAFIRST LOVEA LEAR OF THE STEPPESTORRENTS OF SPRINGTHE SONG OF TRIUMPHANT LOVECLARA MILITCHPHANTOMSTHE DREAMThe Short StoriesA SPORTSMAN'S SKETCHESA TOUR IN THE FORESTANDREI KOLOSOVA CORRESPONDENCETHE DISTRICT DOCTORMUMUTHE JEWAN UNHAPPY GIRLTHE DUELLISTTHREE PORTRAITSENOUGHA DESPERATE CHARACTERA STRANGE STORYPUNIN AND BABURINOLD PORTRAITSTHE BRIGADIERPYETUSHKOVKNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCKTHE INNLIEUTENANT YERGUNOV'S STORYTHE DOGTHE WATCHTHE RENDEZVOUSA RECKLESS CHARACTERFATHER ALEXYEI'S STORYPOEMS IN PROSEThe PlaysA MONTH IN THE COUNTRYA PROVINCIAL LADYA POOR GENTLEMANCARELESSBROKEWHERE IT IS THIN, THERE IT BREAKSTHE FAMILY CHARGETHE BACHELORThe CriticismAN ESSAY ON TURGENEV (1903) BY HENRY JAMESTURGENEV: LIBRARY OF THE WORLD'S BEST LITERATURE BY HENRY JAMESTURGENIEFF: FRENCH NOVELISTS AND POETS (1878) BY HENRY JAMESTURGENEV: ESSAYS ON RUSSIAN NOVELISTS BY WILLIAM LYON PHELPSA LETTER: TURGENEV (1917) BY JOSEPH CONRADThe BiographyTURGENEV: A STUDY BY EDWARD GARNETTPlease visit to browse our other titles

The Russian novelist, short story writer and playwright, Ivan Turgenev is celebrated for the short story collection 'A Sportsman's Sketches', a milestone of Russian Realism, and his novel 'Fathers and Sons', now regarded as one of the major works of nineteenth century fiction. This comprehensive eBook presents Turgenev 's collected works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts appearing in digital print for the first time, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 3)

* Concise introductions to the major works
* All 7 novels, each with their own contents table
* Almost ALL of the short stories and novellas, with excellent formatting
* Almost ALL of Turgenev's plays - discover 8 rare plays - first time in digital print!
* Many images relating to Turgenev's life and works
* Special criticism section, with BONUS texts by writers such as Henry James and Joseph Conrad, examining Turgenev's work
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres
* Includes Edward Garnett's seminal biography - explore Turgenev's artistic life!


The Novels
Rudin (1857)
A House of Gentlefolk (1859)
On the Eve (1860)
Fathers and Sons (1862)
Smoke (1867)
Torrents of Spring (1872)
Virgin Soil (1877)

The Novellas
The Diary of a Superfluous Man (1850)
Yakov Pasinkov (1855)
Faust (1855)
Acia (1858)
First Love (1860)
Phantoms (1866)
An Unhappy Girl (1868)
A Lear of the Steppes (1870)
The Dream (1877)
The Song of Triumphant Love (1881)
Clara Militch (1883)

The Short Stories
A Sportsman’s Sketches (1852)
Miscellaneous Short Stories

The Plays
A Poor Gentleman (1841)
Where It Is Thin, There It Breaks (1847)
A Month in the Country (1850)
A Provincial Lady (1851)
Careless (1852)
Broke (1852)
The Family Charge (1862)
The Bachelor (1862)

The Criticism
Ivan Turgénieff by Henry James
Turgenev: Library of the World’s Best Literature by Henry James
Turgenieff by Henry James
Turgenev by William Lyon Phelps
Turgenef by Ivan Panin
A Letter: Turgenev by Joseph Conrad
Turgenev by Robert Lynd
Turgenev by S. P. B. Mais

The Biography
Turgenev: A Study by Edward Garnett

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