This Is Our Time
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This Is Our Time

The AFC Wimbledon Story
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Niall Couper
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At 5.44pm on 21 May 2011, Danny Kedwell turned to his team mates on the halfway line at the City of Manchester Stadium. The scores were tied at 3-3 on penalties, this kick would send AFC Wimbledon into the Football League. The Dons' captain said four words: 'This is our time.' The rest is history. 'This Is Our Time' documents the club's incredible rise from the ashes of Wimbledon FC to their first season in the Football League, and recounts all of the key stories, as told by those directly involved. Read about Terry Eames' dismissal, the MacAnthony takeover bid, the FA Commission, WISA going face-to-face with Peter Winkelman, the Jermaine Darlington affair and Terry Burton's plot to oust Charles Koppel. Relive Matt Everard's last-minute winner at Herne Bay, the 2-1 win over Crawley, the Staines play-off final, and the two cup finals at Woking. Hear the opinions of Dons' legends past and present from Shane Smeltz to Jon Main, and from Dario Gradi and Dave Bassett to Lawrie Sanchez and Marcus Gayle. And just about everything in between. An unprecedented and inspirational tale of grass roots football and heartfelt supporter power relevant to every fan of the game as it totters on the precipice of financial oblivion.

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