Diary of a Desperate Dad
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Diary of a Desperate Dad

One Man's Guide to Family Life from 0 to 5
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Sam Jackson
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Becoming a dad is the greatest - and, yet, the most difficult - privilege for any man. Dads don't have the same network of support that mums generally have; they're often back to work, exhausted, after only two weeks of paternity leave; and the world of nappies, bottles and late-night feeds can leave them feeling bewildered. In between teatime, bathtime and bedtime, clearing up sick, many sleepless nights and unexpected outbursts (from both the kids and the adults), Sam Jackson brings the highs and lows of fatherhood to life with hilarious stories and insightful reflections on his own very extensive - and very hectic - experience as a dad of three. Arranged thematically, covering topics such as eating and food, manners and socialising, sibling rivalry, tantrums, and the trials and tribulations of discipline, not to mention coping with pregnancy and birth, this down-to-earth book is full of useful tips on family life with children up to school age, and will appeal to all fathers looking for a humorous and intelligent take on what it means to be a modern dad.

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