Mister Nick
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Mister Nick

Playing the field, sailing the seas, cooking up storms
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Niok Hudson
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Who on earth has heard of Nick Hudson? Not many of us - unless you're the likes of Elton John, Ingrid Bergman, Richard Avedon, Mick Jagger, Bernie Taupin, Marlon Brando, Penelope Tree, Oliver Messel, or Lauren Bacall, to name just a few of the great and the good at the Bagatelle restaurant in Barbados in the 1970s. But Nick's buccaneering life didn't start or stop there... This is a highly entertaining and lively account of his free-spirited journey through life. Born in 1938 to a long line of seafarers, his ambitions were clear-cut and simple from the start: to go to sea - and to become a complete and accomplished bachelor. Fate, however, is rarely so amenable. The heady days of Nick's Diner in Swinging London; the decadent idyll of the Caribbean; a blissful paradise with his beloved wife in France - Mister Nick's path has been all but straightforward, a kaleidoscope of flying, food, sex, and sea, with a glittering cast of names.

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