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Autor: Richard Clubley
ISBN-13: 9781910324059
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Scotland's Islands

A Special Kind of Freedom
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This is not a guide to the islands of Scotland. This is not a tour to be followed, nor is it travel advice. This is a richly anecdotal and personal exploration. Richard Clubley shares the sense of freedom he finds in the Scottish islands as he discovers their individual character, beauty and diversity. He meets locals and learns a few realities of island life. He almost perished on Ailsa Craig, before finding fresh water dripping from the roof of a cave, but spends two idyllic nights alone on Mingulay, with a fabulous coal fire in a bothy. His passion for Scottish islands shines through every chapter. Curl up by the fire, pull the blanket close and sip on your dram. You're about to escape to the islands. Prepare for addiction. A book for islomanes to savour in sips. Night caps are suggested; that way the addiction can be controlled. MAIRI HEDDERWICK

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Autor: Richard Clubley
ISBN-13 :: 9781910324059
ISBN: 1910324051
Verlag: Luath Press Ltd
Seiten: 216
Sprache: Englisch
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