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Autor: Peter Geoghegan
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The People's Referendum

Why Scotland Will Never Be the Same Again
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This book is about how the independence referendum changed not just Scottish politics but the nation's people, its sense of itself and its future. This is the story of the campaign and its aftermath, not as recorded by pollsters and politicians, but as it was experienced by some of the five million ordinary - and extraordinary - people involved on both sides of the debate. Their stories also speak to what comes next for Scotland.19 September 2014. The ballots are in, the votes counted. Scotland has chosen to remain part of the United Kingdom. The result is black and white, but the journey to it is anything but monochrome. For months Scots discussed their futures, in town halls and living rooms across the land. The debate gripped the nation like no other in Scottish history.Taking the scenic route we travel from 'the Debatable Lands' of the Scottish Borders to the Western Isles; meet ageing Communists rallying behind the independence cause in post-industrial Fife and loyal Orangemen backing the union; and soak up the ambience with secessionists across Europe trying desperately to follow Scotland's lead.Full of character, and characters, this lively, in-depth book provides a unique perspective on a referendum that will reshape Scotland for years to come.A unique and challenging perspective on the year that changed Scotland.LIBBY BROOKSA generous, original and distinctive take on Scottish national life.JAMIE MAXWELLPeter Geoghegan has succinctly and astutely identified the heart of the matter.WILL STORRAR

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ISBN-13 :: 9781910324479
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