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Autor: Moira Savage
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Technology-enhanced Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years
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An up to date and informed exploration of technology-enhanced learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, suitable for all trainee and in-service teachers.
Discussing learning technologies in relation to young children often provokes a wide range of passionate responses, from sceptics to enthusiasts. This text explores the issues in a holistic, pedagogical and research-informed way. It helps professionals unpick the complex issues involved, understand the scope of available technology, examine the interplay between learning and specific technologies, and more broadly create a vision for a technology-enabled learning environment that is child-centred, playful, creative and interactive.
Recurring case studies are analysed from a number of theoretical perspectives, and the approach deliberately goes beyond the scope of ‘understanding of the world’ to consider the contribution of technology-enhanced learning to a range of different contexts and subject areas. Throughout there are clear links to professional standards, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the characteristics of effective learning.
1. Overview of chapters

2. Introduction to the case studies

3. What is technology-enhanced learning and teaching?

4. Key debates and research evidence

5. Understanding the world: technology

6. Communication and language

7. Physical development

8. Personal, social and emotional development

9. Literacy

10. Mathematics

11. Expressive arts and design

12. Technologies for inclusion

13. Safeguarding and welfare

14. Conclusion

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Autor: Moira Savage
ISBN-13 :: 9781911106203
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Verlag: Critical Publishing
Seiten: 184
Sprache: Englisch
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