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The LearningWheel

A model of digital pedagogy
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A model of digital pedagogy for educators and learning technologists across the teaching and learning sector
Given the influence of digital technologies on the world at large education and educators are yet again being forced to consider their educational practices.  Not all educators have been socialised professionally to use technologies and therefore knowledge gaps exist.  This book adds to emerging conversations about the use of technologies to support and indeed replace traditional teaching methodologies in a range of educational settings.  It offers an example of innovative approach ‘LearningWheel’ to bridge the afore mentioned knowledge gap and provides an opportunity for readers to engage with technologies for teaching and learning purposes.

Beginning with an outline of how technologies are shaping the learning landscape more broadly each subsequent chapter takes on a layer of the LearningWheel and sets it in context from a theoretical position. An example wheel is included in each chapter, as are stop and pause questions to prompt educators to engage with the content in a very real sense.  By the end of the book readers will have had the opportunity to connect with the LearningWheel (VCoP) in the development of a Learning Wheel unique to this book.


 Chapter 1: Learning Content

 Chapter 2: Communication

 Chapter 3: Collaboration 

Chapter 4: Assessment          

Chapter 5: Conclusion





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Autor: Deborah Kellsey
ISBN-13 :: 9781911106401
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Verlag: Critical Publishing
Seiten: 88
Sprache: Englisch
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