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Autor: Adele M Lim
ISBN-13: 9781912145010
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Live Your Whole Capacity

How to tap into and grow unknown potential in your life
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Are you are living the life you are meant to live?
Do you feel you could live life so much more deeply or immersively, but are held back in one way or another. 

In this inspiring book, Adele M Lim offers a fresh perspective and a simplified map that you can use to discover new capacities within yourself. Overcome challenges and resolve issues in new ways by developing your own way of living your Whole Capacity.

She offers a suggestion for:

The key elements that map out how to Live Your Whole Capacity
Six different ways to bring the elements of your Whole Capacity to life
Immersive Living – the practice of Living Your Whole Capacity
How to apply Whole Capacity to different areas of life such as business, intimate relationships and parenthood

Through a fascinating and revealing variety of personal experiences combined with thought-provoking reflection points and exercises, this book challenges you to shake off old ways of thinking, unhelpful habits and negative attitudes. It opens up the possibility of a better way of living and shows you how to how to tap into and grow unknown potential in your life.

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Autor: Adele M Lim
ISBN-13 :: 9781912145010
ISBN: 1912145014
Verlag: Adele M Lim
Seiten: 188
Sprache: Englisch
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