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Autor: David Harris
ISBN-13: 9781912158058
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Oily Hands and the Smell of Diesel

Tales of a Ford Dealer Engineer in the 1960s
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1960 saw the dawn of an era of unprecedented innovation and development in farm machinery. It was a period of rapid technical advancement, that produced machines which are the mainstay of the current very buoyant vintage tractor restoration movement. At the start of the decade, spark-ignition Standard Fordson tractors still occasionally required repair; by the end of the decade, the Fordson Diesel Major had been replaced by the Ford 1000 series. The history of these iconic brands is well-known; Oily Hands and the Smell of Diesel gives an alternative view-the inside story of the agricultural machinery repair trade. Author David Harris gives an entertaining, informative, and personal account of his time spent at a Ford main tractor dealership, working on Ford, Fordson, County, Roadless and Muirhill tractors, Chaseside loaders, Claas combines, and New Holland and Jones balers, amongst others. David describes the technical challenges in detail, and tells of the ups and downs of life in the workshop and out in the field. Well-written and with many historical photographs, this book will be a must-read for anyone who is or was involved in the machinery industry, anyone looking to restore or repair vintage agricultural machinery, and anyone with a general interest in farming and machinery history. David Harris is a frequent contributor to Tractor & Machinery and other magazines.

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Autor: David Harris
ISBN-13 :: 9781912158058
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Verlag: 5M Publishing Ltd
Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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