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Autor: Ruth Legg
ISBN-13: 9781921883767
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Thirty years of spirit rescues

Psychic guidance points the way to the light
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When Ruth Legg, the wife of a former Methodist minister, discovered that she had an unusual psychic talent, she found that few people in the church could accept her inspirational writing as a gift of God. Her husband John, however, with a long-term interest in psychic studies, encouraged her to continue her efforts in spite of her critics. Any lingering doubts about the authenticity of her messages were finally dispelled when she received an unexpected visit from Jannu, an Indian mystic who saw her communications as part of a Divine plan to bring hope and renewal to a needy world. Others were soon to learn that their own little-understood talents could bring benefit to many people. Spiritual healing was the main topic of Ruth's early messages from Richard, a spirit guide acting as the spokesman for a group of spirits working under Divine authority. Later, more attention was given to the needs of earthbound spirits. A direct-voice medium named June led the way for individual counselling to be given to these lost spirits. Over a period of three decades, John and Ruth and their helpers tackled more than a hundred hauntings in Tasmania, earning the title of "ghostbusters" from the media. This book contains a selection of Ruth's inspirational messages. More may be accessed through her website:

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Autor: Ruth Legg
ISBN-13 :: 9781921883767
ISBN: 1921883766
Verlag: Do-It-Yourself-Publishing
Seiten: 350
Sprache: Englisch
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