The Boy who Sang for the Angels
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The Boy who Sang for the Angels

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James Cantelon
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The Boy Who Sang for the Angels is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 7-12 years however, it can be read by "children of all ages” because of its universal appeal. The story is set in the European Middle Ages, and follows the touching account of the plight of a young child facing both the harshness and the unexpected blessings of orphan life. The story resonates with music, cathedrals, local color and irresistible magic.
Jim Cantelon is no stranger to Canadian Christians. His many decades in TV media has made him a highly recognized and beloved personality nation wide. Having already written several top-selling titles, now for the first time he applies his firsthand experiences gained during many years of compassionate ministry to the orphans of the world into a supernatural children’s tale.The Boy Who Sang for the Angels is an exciting story told using a setting of Europe during the mid-18th century. Jim paints a moving portrait of life during that period that resonates with the local color, music, cathedrals and customs of the time. The main story highlights a touching and most compelling account of the plight that many orphaned children faced during that period in history. Merging a delicate blend of the harshness and yet unexpected blessings of life for the main characters, he weaves a magical plot that is simply irresistible. The book contains 9 full-colour and beautifully illustrated drawings on high-gloss paper. It is recommended for ages 7-12 years, though, it will be read by "children" of all ages because of its universal appeal. Sure to become a Christmas classic, this is a book every child will benefit from and enjoy.

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