Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy
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Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy

Strategies for Learning (Activities and Games for the Classroom)
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Jan Rozzelle
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Winner: Association of Educational Publishers 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award

Finalist: Association of Educational Publishers 2009 Golden Lamp Award

 Are there students in your classroom who have hit the reading wall? Studies indicate comprehension regresses in many students once they reach middle school. Teachers need the right resources in their classrooms for engaging students in reading. This book is a veritable encyclopedia of literacy strategies secondary teachers can apply to all content areas immediately. It integrates key strategies, research from top literacy experts, and proven intervention practices.


  • Gain access to the most relevant research on literacy and its application in the classroom.

  • Employ powerful tools to aid reflection and the implementation of new strategies.

  • Discover over 50 strategies for engaging adolescent learners, empowering strategic learning, building comprehension, developing vocabulary, and writing to learn.

  • Access over two dozen reproducibles for teachers and students.

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