Quit Smoking for Life
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Quit Smoking for Life

A Simple, Proven 5-Step Plan
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Suzanne Schlosberg
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An engaging, inspirational, evidence-based guide to quitting smoking based on the techniques used in the nation’s leading tobacco cessation program.

Based on the techniques used in the nation’s leading evidence-based tobacco cessation program,
Quit Smoking for Life leads readers through a simple, proven method to quit smoking and remain tobacco-free for life. It's full of engaging real stories from ex-smokers and experienced quitting coaches and includes a pull-out quitting plan and workbook.

Part I: Before You Quit

Chapter 1: Why Quitting Can Be So Darned Hard

Chapter 2: Overcoming Your Fears About Quitting

Chapter 3: Deciding to Quit

Chapter 4: Shifting Your Mindset from “I Have to Quit” to “I Get to Quit”

Chapter 5: Preparing to Quit

Part II: Quitting in Five Steps

Chapter 6: Setting Your Quit Date

Chapter 7: Choosing a Medication

Chapter 8: Conquering Your Urges to Smoke

Chapter 9: Controlling Your Environment

Chapter 10: Enlisting Support from Family, Friends, and Co-workers

Part III: You’ve Quit — Now What?

Chapter 11: Managing Weight Concerns

Chapter 12: Coping With Stress

Chapter 13: Staying Tobacco-Free

Chapter 14: Sharing Your Story

Addendum (bound into back inside cover)

Pull-out: Your Quitting Plan

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