Non-Essential Mnemonics
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Non-Essential Mnemonics

An Unnecessary Journey into Senseless Knowledge
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Kent Woodyard
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From the popular
McSweeney's column, a witty look at mnemonics for everything you never wanted to remember.

McSweeney's columnist Kent Woodyard brings new life to the mnemonic memory devices of a bygone era, from creative reinterpretations of classic mnemonics to original creations of dubious usage. Paired with whimsical illustrations, this book is the perfect gift for the word wizards of the world, as well as collectors of useless pop-culture trivia.

Table of Contents


Section 1: The Little You Know About the Mnemonics You Know Is Probably Wrong

Section 2: Stuff You Learned In School, or Were Expected to, or Learned but Shouldn’t Have

Section 3: Nothing You Ever Wanted to Know About Sports

Section 4: The Pop Culture Facts You Couldn’t Learn in Theaters!

Section 5: Mnemonics That Will Help You Better Understand the News but Not

Necessarily the World

Section 6: Miscellany You Didn’t Know You Don’t Want to Know

Section 7: The Ten-Year Reunion: The Horror! The Horror!

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