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News from the Holy Land II

The Dark Prince Reigns
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So far every prophesy in Sue’s book on the end times has come to passand all true believers in Yeshua as Messiah have disappeared. The“beast” and his counterfeit trinity with the dragon and the false prophethave passed laws in every country that no one can buy or sell anythingwithout his mark. Many who did not believe in the Messiah before, arecrying out to him now. Even nominal Jews and Christians have heard ofRevelation 14:9-11 which declares that anyone receiving the mark of thebeast will be tormented with fi re and brimstone forever and ever. Manyare martyred; few survive the wrath of God and at the same time the evilpersecution and death of the “beast”.After Sue disappears, her granddaughter Suzi, who did not believebefore, takes up the mantle sending e-mails home about the happeningsin Israel. She and her husband Erik have many adventures whileawaiting the return of the Messiah Yeshua.Will you, the reader, be thrilled or filled with terror and trembling?

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ISBN-13 :: 9781948556996
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