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Autor: Robert Buckingham MD FACP
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Hazing Aging

How Capillary Endothelia Control Inflammation and Aging
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Stop, take a deep breath, put on your thinking caps, and take 5 minutes to read words that could change your life.  Hazing Aging establishes a war occurring every moment within every end organ between capillary cells and their allies and vascular inflammatory free radicals. This outcome to this war is what can  make us sick, as it unbeknownst to us, escalates in stealth over time.  If capillary cells get the upper hand, we stay healthy. If vascular inflammatory free radicals win they embolden the emergence of chronic inflammation. They do this by causing a persistent magnet –like trafficking of the body’s own immune arsenal towards them. It is this trafficking of untoward immune arsenal that blocks the capillary cell pivot and swing dance between their outer membranes and mitochondria. Hazing Aging describes how this block and the chronic inflammatory triumph to the interstitial space domain means. Outcomes include the spread of different disease venues that make health ugly. What is remarkable is how the capillary cell and its allies can reemerge from this gloom.  Chronic inflammatory preeminence is not irreversible. By making comprehensive lifestyle adjustments, vascular inflammatory free radicals decrease within interstitial spaces, which removes the fuel that chronic inflammation utilizes to express its expansion. Doing so unlocks the capillary cell “pivot and swing” dance enabling it to eventually take back control of the interstitial space. This  not only reverses chronic inflammatory momentum but also different disease outcomes as well. We feel better, as all of our end organs communally participate in this anti-inflammatory renaissance. As end organ function improves we move, think and execute more effectively. And don’t have to live in fear about getting sick. Hazing Aging gives us the tools to gain confidence that our immune system is optimized to prevent what we don’t want.

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Autor: Robert Buckingham MD FACP
ISBN-13 :: 9781948779111
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Verlag: Toplink Publishing, LLC
Seiten: 358
Sprache: Englisch
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