The Trial of Christendom
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The Trial of Christendom

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David Matthew Strauss
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Wake up, Christendom, before its too late! This book by scriptural reference shows the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom versus the Gospel of the Grace of God, the Earthly ministry versus the Resurrected ministry, Pauls apostleship versus Peters, Law versus Grace, Jew versus Gentile, water baptism versus baptism of the Holy Spirit, and so much more.
Many dont know where to begin when reading the Bible. This book shows you. Much of the confusion will vanish when understanding what parts of the Bible was meant for us to follow and which parts are not. All scripture is profitable.

There are hundreds of scriptures used, but it still comes back to this main point. Who were the scriptures written to and for (Jew or Gentile), and who wrote them? The vast majority of Christendom preach an elusive truth, a mixed/mashed Gospel. This book shows and exposes this error by the Word of God himself. Believe in God (a god?) or believe God. There is a difference. His words are written in the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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