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Summary: Beyond Booked Solid

Review and Analysis of Port's Book
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The must-read summary of Michael Port's book: "Beyond Booked Solid: Your Business, Your Life, Your Way – It’s All Inside".

This complete summary of the ideas from Michael Port's book "Beyond Booked Solid" shows that you have to reach the stage where you are "booked solid" – where you’re getting as much work as you can handle by yourself. Once you reach that stage, a new challenge arises. You now have to grow and develop your business so, instead of being a small operation which takes all your time and energy, it becomes a bigger and better business which pays you more while you work less. The Beyond Booked Solid Challenge is to turn a one-person operation into a highly successful and self sustaining enterprise which can serve more clients than ever before. This summary will teach you how to leverage what you’re good at so you can spend more time doing that and less time doing all the other stuff that’s required. 

Added-value of this summary: 

• Save time 

• Understand the key concepts 

• Increase your business knowledge 

To learn more, read "
Beyond Booked Solid
" and find the key to choosing the business architecture that’s most appropriate for your circumstances and preferences.

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