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Summary: Buzzmarketing

Review and Analysis of Hughes' Book
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The must-read summary of Mark Hughes' book "Buzzmarketing: Get People to Talk About Your Stuff".

This complete  summary of the ideas from Mark Hughes' book "Buzzmarketing" explains that there’s just so much background noise and clutter now that traditional advertising isn’t as effective as it once was. In 2004 alone, American companies spent over $235 billion on marketing – more than the entire GDP of Mexico. To add to the problem, technology now makes it easy for consumers to skip commercials and block intrusive ads. It isn’t feasible to market the traditional way anymore. This summary shows that you can generate better results using media attention and word-of-mouth endorsements. Buzzmarketing is all about capturing the attention of consumers and the media by making your brand or your company entertaining, fascinating or newsworthy.

Added-value of this summary:

• Save time 

• Understand the key concepts

• Increase your knowledge 

To learn more, read "Buzzmarketing" and discover the key principles that will get more people talking about your company and your products!

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