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Summary: Confronting Reality

Review and Analysis of Bossidy and Charan's Book
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The must-read summary of Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan's book: "Confronting Reality: Doing What Matters to Get Things Right".

This complete summary of the ideas from Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan's book "Confronting Reality" shows that confronting reality means changing the purpose and direction of your business on a regular basis, in order to reflect ongoing changes which occur in the marketplace. Most businesses try and get by on the assumptions of yesterday rather than the realities of today. Companies that confront reality on a consistent basis search for the current answers to three crucial questions: 1. What’s the nature of the industry we’re in today? 2. Where’s our industry heading? 3. How will we continue to make the money we hope to make in this industry in the future? Armed with the answers to these questions, business managers can then analyse the components which determine their enterprise’s success or failure. 

Added-value of this summary: 

• Save time 

• Understand key concepts 

• Increase your business knowledge 

To learn more, read "Confronting Reality" and discover a very practical perspective on today’s business. 

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