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Summary: Cracking the Value Code

Review and Analysis of Boulton, Libert and Samek's Book
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The must-read summary of Richard E. S. Boulton, Barry D. Libert and Steve M. Samek's book: "Cracking The Value Code: How Successful Business Are Creating Wealth in the New Economy".

This complete summary of the ideas from Richard E. S. Boulton, Barry D. Libert and Steve M. Samek's book "Cracking The Value Code" shows that successful organisations are creating value in completely new and original ways today which take advantage of the opportunities of the New Economy. This summary presents four ways of creating value in the New Economy: 1. Design your business model (tangible & intangible assets); 2. Master risk (learn to use it productively); 3. Manage your asset portfolio (with new tools & systems); and 4. Measure and report all assets (information transparency). In short, companies today are racing to find the right combination of tangible and intangible assets that will create the greatest amount of value in the New Economy. Managers that succeed in cracking the creation of value code for their own businesses have a great opportunity to create significant value.

Added-value of this summary: 

• Save time 

• Understand the key concepts 

• Increase your business knowledge 

To learn more, read "Cracking the Value Code" and discover a brilliant guide which offers you the keys to succeed in the years ahead. 

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