Critical Dietetics and Critical Nutrition Studies

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John Coveney is Professor of Global Food, Culture and Health at Flinders University. He is an accredited practising dietitian (Australia) and holds state registration in dietetics in the UK. John has published over 200 articles, and sole-authored several books and book chapters on food, culture and health.

Sue Booth is an academic at Flinders University in the College of Medicine and Public Health. Sue teaches into the Masters of Public Health program and has published in the areas of food insecurity and food systems.

Provides an overview of the foundations of critical dietetics and critical nutrition.
Foreword by John Coveney and Martin Caraher
Chapter 1: Foundations of critical aspects of food and nutrition studiesJacqui Gingras
Chapter 2: Critical perspectives in clinical practice of nutrition and dieteticsDebbie MacLellan
Chapter 3: Community nutrition and dietetics practices and food democracySue Booth
Chapter 4: Policy and practice: what does this gap look like using a critical nutrition and dietetics lens?Yuka Asada
Chapter 5: Training and educating a critical nutrition and dietetic workforce: new perspectivesDaphne Lordly
Chapter 6: Why is a critically reflexive practice critical to nutrition and dietetics?Angela Cuddy
Chapter 7: Swimming against the tide: 12 ways of bringing critical nutrition and dietetics into conventional practicesCathy Morley
Chapter 8: Critical nutrition and dietetics in industry, private practice and consultancy: the importance of ethicsJohn Coveney
Chapter 9: World economic crisis: food, hunger and health disparitiesJill White
Chapter 10: Dietitian as Advocate and Activist: Our Past, Present, and Future PossibilitiesJennifer Bradley
Chapter 11: Toward critical nutrition counselling practice and pedagogyIan Wiseman
Summary: Summing it all up criticallyJohn Coveney and Martin Caraher

This second volume in the Food Policy series focuses on critical nutrition and dietetics studies, offering an innovative and interdisciplinary exploration of the complexities of the food supply and the actors in it through a new critical lens.  

The volume provides an overview of the growth of critical nutrition and dietetics since its inception in 2009, as well as commentary on its continuing relevance and its applicability in the fields of dietetic education, research, and practice. Chapters address key topics such as how to bring critical dietetics into conventional practice, applying critical diets in clinical practice, policy applications, and new perspectives on training and educating a critical nutrition and dietetic workforce. Contributing authors from around the globe also discuss the role of critical nutrition dietetics in industry, private practice, and consultancy, as well the role of critical dietetics in addressing the food, hunger, and health issues associated with the world economic crisis. 

The authors designed the volume to be a reference work for students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Critical Nutrition, Critical Food Studies, and Critical Dietetics. Each chapter offers concise aims and learning outcomes, as well as assignments for students and a concise chapter summary. These features enhance the value of the volume as a learning tool. 

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